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Help about refurbs - i've no idea!

I want to buy a house to let that needs refurbishment, but I don't know how to assess what needs to be done - apart from the obvious - it looks like it needs the floors and walls doing, and probably a new kitchen and bathroom. Who could I go to for advice on what needs doing? Would the tradesperson look through the house with me and tell me what should be done?

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The house must be inspected by the builder,checking the conditions of the ceilings walls wood work electrical and plumbing it is vital and very important.The spending and money what it will be spend for refurbishment depends in what conditions is the house.We the builders with qualifications in this domain can give you an accurate answer to your questions.


Answered 11th Sep 2018

A reputable building company would be able to take you through step by step but at a cost; you could get a survey, electrical condition report and gas safety test done and attempt to get the various trades required in yourself or you could even hire a third party project manager. The main things you need to look at is how badly has damp penetrated the building if it has at all and what condition the roof/walls are in, try to minimise your costs as much as possible, you might find a property that seems a "steal" but in realty the amount of work needed doing would make the situation rather unopportunistic. Hope this helps.


Answered 11th Sep 2018

Hi Catalina,

I would employ a surveyor to carry out a survey on the property. This is normally done by your mortgage company (if you have one) prior to them agreeing to lend. Normally the Survey the mortgage company do is not very in depth and manly to check the property is worth more than they are lending. You can however arrange your own survey privately. At your instruction they will give the property a in depth check over and issue a report on its condition which will give a detailed brake down on any problem areas with the structure. They will also (depending on the service you pay for)provide you with a detailed breakdown on what needs to be done in order to remedy any issues in a appropriate and approved fashion. As builders, we are not qualified to design structural alterations or repairs, neither is the building inspector for that matter, the only people who are, are; Architects, survayers or structural engineers. If you are only talking about cosmetics eg not sure weather to replace the kitchen, etc, and it is with a view to adding value to the property for the purpose of profit rather than getting involved in a full scale renovation you are more likely to get good impartial advice from a estate agent as to what will add value or not. One thing to bear in mind before you embark on a renovation is that even with a in depth survay we can only see what is in front of us and some problems dont present themselves that easily. It is only once you have committed yourself to the project and stripped it all back that you truly uncover all the issues. At that point you will either be jumping for joy that it is not as bad as everyone thought or you will be on the phone to your bank manager because its much worse. I have over 20 years of experience with renovating listed buildings, in that time I have discovered that no renovation ever gets completed on price (see also grand designs....) and secondly a renovation rarely makes financial sense, you do it for love, not money.


Answered 11th Sep 2018

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