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Access to under cellar to fix leaking pipe

It has now been confirmed that we have a leaking pipe under the living room or kitchen floor as the boiler loses pressure since the radiators were moved by a tradesman.

To now go under the sealed floor to fix the speed fit pipe tradesman says he will need to knock a wall through the cellar stairs area so that he can access the space under the floor of the rooms.

Do I need to be worried in terms of structural damage as I guess the walls underneath are supporting walls? I guess he's going to knock enough bricks out to crawl through. Any advice would be appreciated

Thank you

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I would get a good general builder in before hand, to assess, prop if needed using acros and strong boys, then get him to fit a couple of lintols in before knocking out the hole, best to err on the safe side, even though you wont need a large opening.
If done correctly and a nice tidy square hole is left you could then fit a frame and small door/hatch, then you will have a permanent access to any other future works below your floor.
The walls are probably supporting, but a competant builder should be able to carry this out easy enough with out any structural issues.
You can then get your plumber back to repair his pipe work.


Answered 23rd Mar 2011

you need him to specify exactly what he intends to do and get a guarentee off him that he knows what hes doing and if any thing goes wrong can he put it right .altough im pretty sure a few bricks coming out will be ok hope this helps


Answered 23rd Mar 2011

the wall will be there for one of two reasons. 1. to support the floor through the middle of the room. If this is the case then a few blocks could be knocked away to form an arch which could continue to support the floor. you will notice a mild spring in the floor in that area if he has taken too much away and will just need an additional suppot, even a timber leg would do the job. 2. the wall could be there to support an internal wall. if this is the case then he will need to prop the wall first and fit a lintel of some discription. The fact that he has come back to fix the problem suggests he not a rogue. all plumbers get leaks, it goes with the teritory, the chances are he will be aware of what he needs to do. hope this makes sense. by the way access to under a house will make all future work much easier. :)


Answered 23rd Mar 2011

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