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White spots after sealing patio


We recently had a sandstone patio put down we then sealed it after a few weeks now rhe stones are going all white stained
Is there anything we can do about it?

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Hi ....the white spots you describe are likely to be effervescent staining which is salt being pulled up from the Subase or potentially the mortar which has been used .
The paving should really have been left until this process had naturally stopped ,something which I explain to customers , and should not have been sealed .
The sealant you've used needs stripping back off using a good quality stone cleaner then leaving for at least 3 months before resealing. The stone won't be damaged so no need to worry it's a common mistake I see all the time .


Answered 8th Sep 2018

If you use easy seal in the yellow tub you must remove all excess seal off the. pavers or it goes milky white easy solve get a remover and reseal.


Answered 9th Sep 2018

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