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Coating existing roof tiles?

We have recently purchased an 1930s semi and the original clay roof is on its way out (discovered in survey). We had one roofer (tried to get more) look at it before we purchased and he agreed with the survey that it is need of complete replacement.

However my wife had a knock on the door from a company (i can give name if wished) claiming to be able to restore the existing tiles by re coating them. They claim they will replace tiles if needed but will try to just clean and coat the old clay tiles. Is this really a good idea? Sounds to me like they will simply cause more damage as they coat try and coat and clean them and leave us worse off. Is this common practice? What are your thoughts?

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I would not recommend this type of work. Firstly the price of this type of job normally works out at twice the cost of a new roof. The company is probably Thermaseal or one of its sister compnaies. They offer a 10 year guarantee for work that is carried out by guys who are not qualified roofers. Working in a car wash would count as roofing experience to them as all they care about is how fast you can wash and spray the roof. I know a guy who works for them and wouldnt recommend it.

If you are considering it please contact 2 reputable roofing companies first and compare the price between sealing and re-roofing. I would be very surprised if it sealing was not nearly twice as expensive.

Hope this helps.



Answered 27th Jan 2012

Complete waste of time.Give it a few years and these chancers wont be around.If it were worth the hassle,these people wouldnt have to cold call for business.ANY cold callers should be told to jog on.


Answered 29th Jan 2012

Save your money and have new tiles fitted, spray painting the tiles wont make them last longer, your first roofer was right.

The prices they are charging is nearly the same as a reroof.


Answered 27th Jan 2012

If the survey says the roof is in need of replacement then run a mile from sales reps trying to sell you a product, lets be honest, they will sell if they can with little regard for you and your roof.

Get a few quotes from 'my builder' to replace the roof and see how you get on


Answered 27th Jan 2012

It's a quick fix approach and all it is doing is coating the tiles. Things it doesn't do are repaire / replace felt and battens which are bound to be failing as well if the tiles are deteriorating. If you ever have to replace a tile you won't be able to get one to match color wise either. Not much cheaper either


Answered 27th Jan 2012

the only long term option is to replace the roof


Answered 27th Jan 2012

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