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Fungus on decorative hedge

My front hedge has suffered from fungus since I moved in a few years back. I have been treating it with antifungal etc which would keep it at bay. Somehow over the summer, it looks like it has been taken over by it and large sections have died. I will upload picture if possible, but any advice on if it's possible to save once it has got to this stage, or if the whole thing needs to be removed.
Many thanks

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Hi Ricky.

Difficult to advise without seeing image of hedge, and knowing the species of hedging material.
It may be the soil that needs addressing as well as the plant itself.
If you are able to upload a photo it would help.

Tony Brookes


Answered 7th Sep 2018

If it is a Box hedge then it is most likely Box Moth. They lay their eggs in the hedge and the young caterpillars much the whole lot. I lost my whole hedge this year due to it, leaves go brown and patchy with just a skeleton of the hedge left afterwards, its been a country wide spread issue, if it is box then it will need removing



Answered 8th Nov 2018

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