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I have a water tank in my loft

i need to convert my loft into a basic bedroom but theres a tank in the middle with pipes comming off it ----- is this a straightforward job to perhaps move it to a corner ? or is it an expensive job that it might be cheaper to move ?

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Hi , the cheapest option would almost certainly be to move it out of the way of any intended bedroom ,ie a corner of the attic . You may of course have a combi boiler and the storage tank is only feeding the cold water to your bathroom , in which case the tank could be removed completely and all of your cold water could come straight from the main supply .

Answered 26th Jan 2012

Glenn Smith plumbing & heating

Member since 22 Jan 2012

Ive done umpteen lofts with tanks in them , we have wrestled them into corners , eves , apex , most of the time it makes accessing them not easy .
Without adding things to your system you can't have a rad up there ( easy ) , and the amount of space you take up could be a lot better used in the loft room . So imo please please look at a condensing combo as a option . You'll get all the benefits from it and probably save the money you've spent in energy over the next few years .
For me most of the time a combo is the way .
Thanks woody apex lofts Barnsley

Answered 26th Jan 2012

Apex lofts

Member since 25 Jan 2012

Water tanks can be moved without it costing you a fortune.You will need to have proper drawings done and approved to keep your conversion legitimate anyway so i would leave the architect to worry about where its new location will be.If you are going to take a BIG risk and do your conversion unofficially,then a plumber will advise you on moving it.

Answered 26th Jan 2012

Roc builders

Member since 25 Aug 2011

post your job under loft conversions ,and this part of the job will be costed together with the rest of the plumbing works

Answered 26th Jan 2012


Member since 7 Jun 2008

Hi , Shouldn't be to expensive , about £300 with the copper pipes and new wooden base for the tank , also you may have a smaller tank for the Central Heating that will need to be moved.Regards Rob

Answered 26th Jan 2012

Robert Dent Heating & Plumbing

Member since 23 Jan 2012

Hi, if its your cold water storage tank,this can be moved to one end of the loft, or got rid of altogether! you appear to have gravity hot water down to a DHW cylinder. If you want to go to mains presure hot water then you can have a combination boiler fitted,this will loose the cylinder and the tank! or if you dont then a good plumber can move this to one end of the loft and re-pipe. poss 2 days work £150-250 labour+ materials


Answered 26th Jan 2012

kelly plumbing Heating & gas

Member since 4 Jan 2012

its not that hard to move it maybe you should consider converting to a combi boiler

Answered 26th Jan 2012

J. Smith Joinery

Member since 25 Jan 2012

No, this is quite straight forward. the pipes just need extending to the new position. Probably a days work, depending how easy it is to access the pipes.

Answered 26th Jan 2012

Armstrong Heating and Bathrooms

Member since 9 Jan 2012

Hi there,the tank can be isolated and drained fairley easy,and recited in a sutable position to hold the weight.
You will need to keep the pipe work below floor level which may mean notching joists ,and keep the over flow in mind when chosing youre new location.

Answered 26th Jan 2012

Lewis Maintenance Ltd

Member since 25 Jan 2012

A fairly straight forward job for most plumbers. Would just require the draining of the system then the relocation of the tank and supplying pipes. Making a neat job of it would be key.

If you are converting your loft into a room have your chosen builder price it up as part of the works. Its needs to be accessible and insulated where ever it is moved to though.

Hope this helps


Fresh Approach Design & Build Ltd

Answered 26th Jan 2012

Fresh Approach Design & Build Ltd

Member since 26 Jan 2012

it would only cost approx 300 pounds Plus parts to move your tank to a corner position.

Answered 26th Jan 2012

AEB Bathroom Installations

Member since 20 May 2009

no not expensive to move however another option may be to convert your system from open vented to a sealed system and do away with the tanks altogether.

Answered 26th Jan 2012

Epic Heating Ltd

Member since 5 Sep 2011

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