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We had the old windows taken out, part of the wall taken down, so we could have french doors and new windows replaced. All looks nice untill you get wind and rain, you then have puddles inside the house, draught comming in down the side of the door. It seems either easterly or westerly wind and rain is when you get this. The builder says its because the top of the bay had rotton timbers insde that he noticed when doing this job. At that time He said not to worry as this would not cause any problems with the windows. He now says its because the pebbledash is old and this is what is causing rain to come in . So I would like to know if my windows should have some kind of flashing over the top of the window, down the side and on the sill. He has put led ( at extra expence to myself ) under the window as I told him we would be putting decking adjoning to the property.Our windows face south facing the sea and at times it can get blustery
The old windows did leak and the pebbledash was the same then as now.. What grounds do I have. Its awful because they look so nice and the person is a friend of a friend ! We are very upset, the fitter is coming back tomorrow. I feel sure this will be ongoing. Please help with advise . Thanking you in antisipation.

Thank you all for your replys. Well would you belive our Window man never turned up.. So were do we go from hear. I will call him again. Im not sure if he put dpc on the top ,sides or bottom. I did not want to watch him at work in case he felt uncomfortable. The window sits back4 inches. I have upvc with air slats all the way round the top of the facia. The first time he came back he took this down and sprayed foam down the two steel supports either side of the french doors, then put duck tape on the inside of the facia board and put this back saying this should do it. He said maybe the wind was blowing water into the slats . What I dont understand is I have looked at some vidios on you tube that show you this sticky tape that is placed all around the window to stop the leaking, could this be my problem. Sorry to harp on but this is causing me a lot of stress. I did get a certificate but not fensa. I will find it tomorrow as cannot get to the filing box. I know it was ligitamate. What can I do if he refuses to come back. Thank you to all

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the main thing with any new window installation is to make sure all seals on windows i.e. openers are sealed correctly, you can check this by using a credit card on the openers if its a tight fit then thats a good seal if you find the credit card pushes in easily then they will need adjusting. also make sure windows are set back in from brick work and are sealed with a good quality silicone sealant. Hope this is of some help but its hard to advise without seeing the job. Also if there upvc windows they are designed to have though drainage and if drainage holes are blocked or haven't been drilled water will come in and you will normally get it on the inside window cill.

Answered 26th Jan 2012

kw installations (west midlands ltd)

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Regardless of how nice they look,they are pointless if they let in wind and are leaky windows. I very much doubt it has anything to do with your pebbledash sounds like they have not been finished off/fitted properly.I would give him another chance to come sort this out (asap if your floor is getting wet) and if you have no joy,then get someone else.If you dont want to upset your "friend of a friend" then theres little else you can do.

Answered 26th Jan 2012

Roc builders

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did they put a vertical dpc at the sides and one below the threshold,also did they mastic seal all round after installation ,were they fensa registered installers if so ,windows shouldn't be leaking but it sounds to me if you can feel the wind letting by then they are not sealed properly ,and maybe no dpc was installed,pay cheap pay twice im afraid

Answered 26th Jan 2012


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It could need some cavity trays fitted, as you say it was alright until the opening was made larger.
The existing window would have had a dpc tray over.
Also check theres no cracks in the render/pebble dash and the frame is sealed all around with mastic.

Answered 26th Jan 2012


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Hi there, when ever I attend this sort of problem, I ALWAYS check internally first,after all that's where the drafts and leaks are visible to you.once all is closed,can you see day light coming in, and can you feel drafts,the windows and doors may be either over tightened or the glazing packers are blocking the drainage holes,allowing water to come inside

Answered 28th Sep 2018

MCS Window & Door Repairs

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