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Dpm adhesive for a flower bed/ retaining wall

I need a bit of advice regarding decorative retaining wall/ flower bed.

I plan to render the front then paint white and line the inside wall with a dpm but unsure what type of adhisive I need to use to glue it to the wall ? Can anyone recommend a good product for this job?

Also what is the correct way to apply dpm? Do i need to back fill with gravel first and then apply dpm ?Or Dpm goes directly on the wall and then gravel?

Many thanks in advance

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If the wall is concrete you don't need dpm if not put it directly on the wall then backfill inside you shouldn't need adhesive the backfill will hold it in place just make sure it doesn't slip down when you're doing it perhaps leave it high and cut back accordingly afterwards, make sure water can drain from the bottom.


Answered 1st Sep 2018

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