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Urgent advice needed - laminate acclimitisation.

I am having some 12mm laminate flooring laid on Saturday. Unfortunately it's been delivered and put in my garage rather than to my (2nd floor) flat. I am removing all skirting boards and having new ones fitted. Unfortunately, I'm goimg to struggle to get the 40 packs of flooring up into the flat by Saturday as well as removing the skirting, which I absolutely have to do. My question is;

Is it ok for the flooring to be brought straight in from the garage and laid directly (on the underlay, obviously) without being put in the room first for a period of acclimitisation? I know you have to do this with real wood, but is it the same for laminate? I'm not having the new skirting boards fitted for a couple of weeks after the floor's laid, if that helps.

Any advice would be really very much appreciated, given the short timescale!

Many thanks for those prompt replies, folks, it's really very much appreciated. I've managed to bring the packs in to the ground floor and with any luck (and a bit of help) they'll be all up by this afternoon, so it looks as though things should not be too bad from what you say. I did alert the fitters that the worst case would be that they were in the garage, which was fine with them, but I'd prefer not to ask them to do it, obviously.

Thanks again.

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They always say leave in room where the floor is going to be laid. Its not that critical with plastic.Check on boxes to see what they recommend for the guarantee. Leave a 10mm expansion around everything solid (door frames fireplace etc) You wont lay 40 packs in a day so you only need to bring a bit up hope this helps

Answered 26th Jan 2012

Wooden Floor Solutions

Member since 24 Jan 2012

Always good to acclimatise anything where its going . But i'm sure you will be fine in this case , just make sure where it is is not excessively damp or you will have problem no matter what with laminate .
Good luck

Answered 26th Jan 2012

Apex lofts

Member since 25 Jan 2012

your flooring should be inside the room that is to be fitted 24hours prior to installation and should be stacked no more than 3 packs high,this is to ensure all the flooring is at the same temperature,you may have a few problems if you don't follow these procedures there will be a leaflet in the packs for more advice

Answered 26th Jan 2012

a j burness

Member since 16 Jan 2012

You should really still put laminate flooring in the room it is to be laid for at least a few days but its not anywhere near as risky as doing it with solid floors. If it was a solid floor left in a garage without central heating it would be ruined before you even got it upstairs.

You will be fine, just make sure it has room to expand a little, cork strips are best, then fit your skirtings in a week or two.

Does your tradesman know that the flooring is in the garage? More to the point does he know he will be fetching it ! ( laughing ) or are you expecting him to lug it upstairs without giving him prior notice. :)

Answered 26th Jan 2012


Member since 8 Sep 2011

If it's hdf laminate as it's been stored in the garage you should acclimitise for 48 hours if its hard wood laminate (engineered ) 7 - 10 days

Answered 26th Jan 2012

Max Barnard

Member since 4 Nov 2011

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