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Connect new toilet to apartment block soil stack that doesn't have toilet already connected?


My apartment has two soil stacks on opposite ends of the apartment. One soil stack currently has the toilet upstairs connected to it (currently the only toilet in the apartment), and the other soil stack has shower and washhand basin upstairs and kitchen sink downstairs connected to it. Both soil stacks run vertically down to the apartment below me, where I believe the same layout is replicated. There is no apartment above me.

What I'd like to do is add a toilet to the second soil stack (the one that currently just has the bathroom washhand basin and shower and kitchen sink running into it).

However, one builder that I've spoken to has told me that this is against waste water regulations as there is no toilet connected to the stack, and thus it's not considered a "sewage" stack. However, my assumption was that a soil stack is a soil stack and thus anything sewage-related can always be connected to one.

Is it against some sort of regulations to fit a toilet to a soil stack that does not already have one connected to it (i.e. one that is currently carrying only greywater rather than blackwater)? And if not, are there any other considerations that I need to take into account about this?


3 Answers

Just because it’s not got a toilet to it doesn’t mean it can’t have one added to it, you would have to find a man hole and test the drain, it’s more than likely able to have a toilet if it’s a 4” stack

Answered 29th Aug 2018

R.C Hull Plumbing & Tiling Services

Member since 29 Aug 2018

this could just be a waste water stack,which may discharge through a trapped gully,what size is it ?,check with your local building control department.

Answered 30th Aug 2018

D & R Property and Plumbing Maintenance

Member since 15 Nov 2016

Spot-on & Well done D&R....hidden trapped gully....Brilliant !! call a plumber to check proposed stack @ base level.!!

Answered 28th Sep 2018

Wilco Gas Services

Member since 24 Sep 2018

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