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Bathroom shower switch

My pull cord shower switch with neon light has a burn mark on the casing and my shower has stopped working. I have a mini trip B45 fitted on my fuse box, but when I have switched off the electric and undone the pull cord switched I have 3 red wires and 3 black wires does this mean it's running on a circuit with some thing else and how do I know what amp the switch is and if it has been wired up correctly in the first place?

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Hi Craig, this will likely be some kind of extraction pump or fan linked to the shower unit. In both cases, this sounds like an installation which doesn’t comply.
Please seek expert opinion soon!


Answered 24th Aug 2018

Dear Craig
the best what You can do , is hire a qualified electrician to run a condition report and after You will have clarified everything



Answered 23rd Aug 2018

A shower isolation pull cord should be for the shower circuit only, these are usually rated at 45-50 amp And fed from 6mm or 10mm cable from the distribution board,often untrained/unskilled people run the extractor fan from this on an undersized cable which then makes the circuit unsafe,the fan would need disconnecting and then re- connecting to the lighting circuit or ring main via a fused spur connection and a 3amp or 5amp fuse applied.


Answered 26th Mar 2019

It seems like your switch needs attention. It's best to call an qualified electrician to have a look.


Answered 24th Aug 2018

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