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How to hang kitchen wall cabinets (ikea) on plasterboard wall?

I'm re-doing my kitchen and I plan to hang few IKEA Method cabinets for extra storage. The kitchen has plasterboard walls all around (just one single board I believe).

What hinges and solutions should I use to hang these units so that they hold the weight of cabinet with all heavy plates inside? Ikea uses sturdy steel suspension rail for these units, but there is no information about hinges. For a home office where I also have quite heavy cabinets filled with paper, the company I hired used chemical anchors with very long screws - the idea being that they drilled through the plasterboard all the way to the brick wall behind (but there was no suspension rail). I also know that Gripit blue fixings and Molly screws are used for these cabinets, but I'm not sure what the best solution will be, so I would appreciate some advice. Should I try to hang at least some in a way that they are supported by an external wall? And how do I pick the length of the screw itself? I'm slightly worried whether it's not all too heavy for the plasterboard itself to handle.

Here is a list of what I'm planning to hang there:

Wall 1: 2 of H100 x W60 x D38cm + corner cabinet H100 x W68cm

Wall 2: 1 of H100 x W80 x D38cm + 1 of H100 x W40 x D38cm + 1 of H100 x W20 x D38cm + corner cabinet H100 x W68cm

Wall 3: 1 of H100 x W60 x D38cm + 1 of H100 x W40 x D38cm + 2 of H40 x W60 x D38cm + 1 of H40 x W120 x D38cm

Wall 1 and 3 are external walls. Wall 2 is internal, but it behind the plasterboard there is a small gap and a concrete brick wall (single brick).

Each empty unit weights about 20-35kgs with doors - depending on the size.

Many thanks in advance.

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These units are to heavy to be supported on any type of raw plug in a plasterboard cavity wall . The solution would be to cut out plasterboard just at area where wall hanging brackets are and fit timber pads then refit plasterboard. This allows brackets to be fitted to the timber pads .


Answered 22nd Aug 2018

Hello Azurite
I hope you have resolved your question by now. If you're still pondering what to do I would refer back to point you mentioned about the IKEA mounting track. This is an inexpensive, sturdy rail that is compatible with the IKEA supplied fixing brackets that come with your cupboards. Rather than cutting out plasterboard and fitting timber pads (costly and inconvenient) the steel rail is long enough that it can be fixed into the timber studs or batten which the plasterboard is fixed to. No plugs are needed. The rail simply needs cutting to size with a hacksaw. The rail is adequately strong for the heaviest cabinets. If the plasterboard was fixed to metal studs or by the "Dot & Dab" method care needs to be taken and the above may not apply. In that case I would want to know the size of the gap between plasterboard and wall surface and the make up of the masonry behind eg thermal block / brick / stone / cob. Without that it is difficult to offer further advice. With best wishes,


Answered 24th Jan 2019

It’s just you need to get some special plasterboard blogs and you can do it using screwdriver


Answered 21st Aug 2018

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