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Draining ch below the lowest drain point


I'm removing a radiator which is fed via the concrete floor. The wall the radiator is attached to will be removed so I cannot leave the tails sticking out of the floor. I have excavated and exposed the pipework and intend to cut and cap with and compression fitting but would like to remove all the water from the pipework before I begin. The drain point is below the boiler about 50cm off the floor, how can I drain the system below this point? Once finished I intend to cover the exposed pipework with ply so allowing access in the future and then fit flooring over the top.

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get a plumber iN!!! depends if you have a sealed system,or gravity as to how you issolate, it sounds like you need a total drain down,as if you dont drain down carefully all the system water will soak the floor. lock of the rad via valves,drain rad,take rad off, attach hose,open rad valves,total drain down,open all vents on upper floor,then all vents on ground floor,let air in,thus water out and you then will have a water level only in the tails!! quickly mop up cut tails,cap off carefully. then do all above in reverse!! fill back up if you know how,and stick inhibitor in rads,or your boiler will fuck up.. bleed all rads,and balance system again!!


Answered 25th Jan 2012

1. Turn of all radiator valves within the property
2. Remove the radiator in question (turn off the valves first - some water spillage will happen)
3. Turn off the boiler and water supply (either by the stop tap or by putting a bung in the header tank)
4. Get an appropriate flexible tap connector to fit the end of one of the radiator valves (normally 3/4") and a bucket.
5. Turn on the radiator valve and therefore draining the water from the pipe.
6. Once it has stopped flowing you can then fit a cap end.
7. Refill the system back up checking for leaks and then starting at the further radiator from the tank / boiler (depending on your system) bleed each radiator in turn.

Hope that helps


Answered 25th Jan 2012

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