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Cooker hood with no fuse, only connected to the trip switch box?

The cooker hood went off in the characteristic way of a fuse blowing. However, there doesn't seem to be any fuse connected to it. The trip switch on the fuse box tripped, and when I switched it back on the cooker hood wasn't working anymore...
An appliance engineer came today and confirmed the applicance itself is working, so: what's the problem? I cannot find any fuse, is it the wire? Can it be fixed at all?

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When you turn the fuse back on in the fusebox,if the hood is not working any more it will definitly have a spur somewhere,it is sometimes on the top of cupboards sometimes even on the duckting of the hood. You need to find it,when you do you need to check the fuse.99% it is the fuse in the spur


Answered 1st Feb 2012

It would be normal to have a cooker hood connected via a fused spur - or Fused Connection Unit(FCU) - to give it it's proper name.

I assume the appliance engineer confirmed there was no voltage at the cooker hood (and connected it to a different supply to test the hood itself)? In which case, you need to start checking back along the cabling.

Look first for a FCU - might be hidden in or above a kitchen cupboard. If you find one, test the fuse.

If there is a FCU and the fuse is ok, then you should call a qualified electrician to test the circuit breaker and circuit cabling.


Answered 26th Jan 2012

trace the cable from the cooker hood and associated cables sound like there is a fused connection unit (FCU) located in the circuit some where this is supposed to be accessable if you are not competent call a qualified electrician


Answered 6th Feb 2012

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