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Can you replace a bathroom basin that has a full pedestal, with a basin that has a semi pedestal ?

I have a small, fully tiled bathroom..(the tiles are from top to bottom, and without a skirting board). I currently have a basin in that has a full pedestal, but am wanting to replace that basin with one that has a 'semi pedestal' it has to be attached to the wall, which is obviously tiled. Can this be done??..and is it a simple job?
I also want new floor tiles put down, over the existing thin lino I currently have in there, so if the basin CAN be replaced with one that has a semi pedestal, then the new floor tiles will obviously cover the hole (cut out) in the lino I have down at the moment, where the pedestal is now.
I would appreciate any answers and advice.
Thanks in advance.
Sue :)
** In response to 'S Hancock Multi Services'.. Yes..the pipes behind the current basin and full pedestal ARE showing, and come out of the tiled wall, behind the full that being ascertained..can the current basin and full pedestal be changed for a basin with a 'semi' or half pedestal?

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I would imagine you can not, you need a specific arrangement where the pipework would need to be within the wall behind the tiles, so that it firstly wasn't on show and secondly didn't foul the wall hung style pedestal. The pipes also would need to be set to the correct height in the wall to be able to connect to the new fittings. If they are coming out of the wall then there is a chance it can be adapted to suit


Answered 19th Aug 2018

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