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Following internal flood through wall, investigations appear single storey extension only built on 3" of concrete

No obvious cause of flood but this could explain slow drying of floor. As well as lowering external level should the foundations be underpinned?

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Im suprised the extension is still standing with only 3 inches of concrete holding it up.
I wouldnt go lowering the external ground level yet until you have had proper advice.
Could be wise to get a S/E to take a look.


Answered 25th Jan 2012

I think that you should get someone round to take a look at this.I keep reading the question and really cant work out what is going on.I think your extension has serious problems if you mean that the flood has come from outside AND the foundation is really 3" thick.In the nicest possible way,i dread to think what else could be wrong with an extension built on something so inadequate.


Answered 25th Jan 2012

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