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Phone master socket, coax and cat5 cabling. how much time should this take and who should i be looking for to do this work?

I'm doing a total refurb of a two bedroom flat and have to do the following:

1) move the BT mains from corridor to living room, and also run one cable for a slave phone socket in the same room
2) run an Ethernet cable from living room to 2nd bedroom, currently I had the cable just go through holes which were there already, but I want them to put a socket on the walls
3) run a small coaxial cable under the flooring in the living room to the wall where the tv will stand, about 2metres from the wall socket where the Virgin Media coaxial cable enters the premises.

How much time should this take and who should I be looking for to do this job?

I also want to note that the previous BT master socket, was in fact just an extension from the termination point where the black telephone cable ended the premises. The cable going from that termination point, to the "master" socket went under the carpet, to the opposite wall, was damaged. The termination point, which I assumed to be original master circuit location, is very inconvenient because it's in the entry hallway next to the door. There is a mirror and will be a mirror covering that little whole in the wall, so I don't want any master socket there.

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Answered 25th Jan 2012

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