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Restoring cracked garden patio

I have a ground floor garden flat in terraced house. Flat has an extension to the rear with a concrete patio. Most of the patio is ok however one section has large cracks which have completely opened showing soil underneath. Also uneven. How can we fix. Was hoping to just pour new concrete and re-level. Or slabs over existing... suggestions / advice appreciated.

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You can repair cracked concrete but it's not nice to look at, either remove all concrete and concrete again or pave the area, paving is very easy to repair in the future,if the need arises.


Answered 15th Aug 2018

As suggested earlier, the only real solution is to take it up and replace it altogether. Paving is a good solution, and you can also deck on top which i have done on many occasions.


Answered 11th Nov 2018

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