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Hi i have painted silk paint on new plaster im my living room what is your advice to do next?? please help thanks

I had my entire living room and ceiling replastered and the plasterer told me to use a cheap emulsion as an undercoat, however he did not tell me which type of emulsion to buy, so I used silk! wrong choice I now understand! I used this on most of my walls and ceiling, without watering it down:-( I cannot afford to get it replastered again but what is my best option? To sand the walls?....please help am really fed up!! Thank you

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Hi always best to use a trade matt emulsion newly plastered walls are porus x2No coats should cover i presume silk paint has blistered in spot places fine sand off before matt paint application hope this helps regards kev


Answered 25th Jan 2012

Oh dear.... firstly the walls were not primed so whatever you do... DO NOT put more paint on the walls yet, it will just make the situation worse. You need to key up the surface now in order to mist coat again. Take some 120 grade sandpaper and LIGHTLY sand the walls and ceilings all over and evenly !!

Once that is done brush everything down and wash everything down with just water only.... now let that dry for a few hours. You then start the process all over again... best thing to do if you are doing it yourself is invest in a flexible plastic bucket. Put a 50% 50% mix of emulsion and water in and mix. If you have a paint mixer, much easier. Now apply evenly on everything.

As it is watered down it will leave lines easier, take the time to get these out. Remember to keep mixing the paint now and then as it tends to seperate after a while.

Follow this and you should be ok. Any doubts or uncertainty hire someone local to sort it out, costs will vary but to do what i said and only what i said it will be around the £150 mark. Im in the South east.


Answered 26th Jan 2012

Its probably one of the worse things you can do. If you,I would get somebody in to sand it. Do not expect it to be sanded and ready to paint for a day or two. Best to get a decorator in to do that part, expect lots of dust or its not being done right. mist coat- use wickes matt base coat, a 5 litre tin is about £25 when dry paint neat again. Sand again lightly and then paint.


Answered 25th Jan 2012

Purchase more of the same paint, water it down,and start again!!(or use Matt paint!) why would you need it replastered?


Answered 25th Jan 2012

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