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Have i been overcharged?

I'm renovating an entire flat, and the builder has quoted £2000 to install a new floor.
So far the only work done is to remove the old carpet and we have not decided what floor we are replacing it with.

I don't know the floor space either, because the contractor is not telling me. So i dont know how much we would Need to spend on laminate or engineereed wooden flooring.

It's a two bedroom flat, and my guess to the size would be about 85m sq.

So, to me it seems very expensive just to install a new floor and would like to know if I am being ripped off.

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How the hell can he give you a quote when he hasnt even specified what he is doing/using? I would sit him down and ask him exactly what you are getting for your 2k.If he doesnt want to tell you much,tell him to do one.This sounds like the strangest builder/client relationship that i have ever heard of.


Answered 25th Jan 2012

How can he quote for replacing floor when you dont even know what type of flooring you are going to have.Tell this chancer to take a hike,post your job on here and get some free,professional,impartial advice


Answered 25th Jan 2012

im guessing from you questions the £2000 doesnt include the materials which if so is very expensive.

If you are buying the materials then you will need the areas sizes and what other materials you need , so your builder can get on with the job, so thats makes no sense unless he wants to supply as well and add his cut on top of the price he pays for the materials.

My rates are laminate fitting starts from £7.5 so that would be around £600 to £700 on the size given. If it enginnered wood then fitting starts from £10 so looking at around £800 to £900.

Uplift and disposed charge are max £1 per m2 for each so another £150 to £200.

Hope the rates help a bit, it would seem to me that as your builer is on site already doing work then as you have asked him to do the floor as well , his throught well i can put a higher rate in here as your not going to ask question(wrong there as you are ). I would ask for a break down of cost and then see where it goes from there .

If you have any more problems please post and i will see if i can help

regards J R Floors


Answered 25th Jan 2012

sounds strange, i agree in 100% with JR Floors


Answered 15th Feb 2012

If it is laminate flooring then yes you are being ripped off. Always ask to see headed note paper or a CIS card if the contractor is self employed that way you will know if you are dealing with a cowboy


Answered 25th Jan 2012

Always ask for a break down.

Check the materials on line to see what the on line costs are is always the best way. And always check the fitting prices regarding his invoice.

Standard rate for laminate fitting is £10 per m2 from a specialist flooring shop and £15 for engineered woods.

I would imagine that quote is a laminate and fitting cost but that must be some very expensive laminate. Ie quickstep. I don’t think anyone would be able to supply & fit engineered wood for £2000 based on those sizes, and if they could, it would be a risky one as the wood would have to be very cheap which then you have to worry about the standard of workman ship. Lee


Answered 6th Jun 2018

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