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Patio treatment/sealing - clean before application?

I want to get an opinion from a few other trades people. If you employ someone to apply a patio sealing/treatment would you also expect that tradesperson to clean the area before applying the treatment as part of the service?

If you apply the seal I assume any dirt on the surface get sealed into the stone?


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Hi, Yes the patio area should be cleaned first if it has dirt on it as you would be sealing this into paving slabs. Paul


Answered 6th Aug 2018

Honestly, no. It should be cleaned but not by the guy sealing it unless it was inlcuded in the price. Reason being he can't clean it and seal it on the same day as it has to dry so the length of the job is doubled for him which is unreasonable. Why would anyone sealing a patio professionally expect it to be dirty? It should be done at the start of its life and topped up before its worn away. If you're renovating a patio or driveway then thats not just sealing and is a completely different thing to quote for.


Answered 6th Aug 2018

If you have simply asked for a price for sealing, then that is probably what you will get. A decent tradesman will ask the question about cleaning it first, but is unlikely to include that within the price for sealing as it is a much longer job, in fact, I would normally wait a couple of days after pressure washing a patio before I apply sealant just to be sure that the stone is dry, not just touch dry.


Answered 7th Aug 2018

Hi I would strongly recomend using a petrol powered pressure washer or petrol powerd Hand held road sweeper that has a circular brush you can get these in hire shops These are better that a jet wash as the patios I've done with these machines look brand new after then seal. Depending on the lifespan of the sealer you wan"t have to do this ever year make sure you use a good quality product Cheers Chris J Davis


Answered 5th Aug 2018

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