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Removing vinyl flooring adhesive

Hi I had vinyl planks laid over I assume the typical vinyl tiles you get in most new builds. I am pulling up the vinyl planks and there is leftover residue from the adhesive. How do I completely get rid of this so the floor is not sticky? Thanks

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Hi. I think you are probably looking for a simple cheap solution.(shotblasting lol)
There are many 'sticky stuff' removal solutions but the tried and tested i would try first is good old wd40


Answered 5th Aug 2018

Any old adhesive residues should be removed by mechanical
methods such as scraping, shot blasting and grinding etc.
Certain underlayments such as STOPGAP 1200 PRO are able
to cope with firmly adhered and hard adhesive residues
that are not water soluble. However, for all another smoothing
compounds at least 75% of the floor area should be exposed,
followed in most instances by the application of neat STOPGAP
P131 PRIMER, allowed to dry and then the application of the
appropriate STOPGAP smoothing underlayment. Please refer to
Technical Service for product selection.
1. If in doubt remove all traces of adhesive residues back to a clean,
sound micro-textured dust free substrate.

this is a direct quote from a sub-floor prep guide.


Answered 6th Aug 2018

There is relay no need to mechanically remove or scrape this is hard time consuming labour and not cost effective.
Remove all the old flooring including the original then, the best cost effective,practical way of resolving the problem with sticky glue is to screed over the old adhesive, use a primer and a suitable screed, your floor will be smooth clear of any sticky glue and perfect for your next floor covering to be laid no matter what it may be.


Answered 4th Aug 2018

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