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Bathroom/toilet wall removal

i have a small bathroom with seperate toilet next to it, the joining wall is pretty small it has a normal size door fram and is then just over the width of 3 strips of wall paper. i wish to remove this wall and put the doorfarme on the far side of the toilet as to make it all one room. is this small wall likely to be load bearing? there is no wall underneath nor above it.

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If there is nothing above it,then it is probably non load bearing.Get yourself a builder to carry out the removal.He will know for definite and the job will be much quicker and to a better standard.This kind of job will not cost much at all.


Answered 22nd Jan 2012

in my experience most of these are non loadbearing ,be prepared for a lot of leveling out on the walls to make them one ,always at least an inch out in all the jobs ive done like this
regards mitch


Answered 24th Jan 2012

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