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Looking at laying new turf in my back garden it was previously a bit of jungle full of brambles do I need to use weed killer before I rotivate the garden and how long after using weed killer can I lay new turf any advice woukd be great

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Weed killer is not needed if you get the roots out.
If a glyphosate based weed killer is used about 2 weeks after spraying is ok.
Any other total weed killer similar to roundup I would leave it for 4 weeks.


Answered 2nd Aug 2018

Bramble roots are a bit of a pain to get rid of as the plant will regenerate from even quite small pieces which are quite a way down. Rotavating will just break up these roots and spread them around, making the issue worse. Two options. One is to use a glyphosate spray and really soak the ground (not massively effective) and the other is to dig out a reasonable depth of soil with a digger and remove that from site. Then spray off the subsoil with glyphosate and import screened topsoil and put this down. Not as pricey as you might think.


Answered 7th Aug 2018

Spray the weeds/brambles with a strong glyphosate or ask a professional with professional grade glyphosate to spray for you. This works by the plants taking the weedkiller down to its roots and killing it. This will not affect the soil or any planting once it has dried and will only kill the plants sprayed.
Leave it for 2 weeks or so depending on weather to make sure everything has died before rotavating and taking out. You may need to do 2 applications a week or 2 appart to make sure everything has died first.
Rotavating live plants such as brambles will spread and make it worse.
Digging out completely may be an option too but chances are some roots would remain.


Answered 8th Oct 2018

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