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Which boiler for large house?

Our 3-storey 6-bed 2-bath Victorian house currently has what I think is a conventional boiler, with boiler in the kitchen, hot tank above it on the first floor and a cold tank in the loft space.
We would like to: save money; be energy-efficient; use space effectively; not run out of hot water, and, crucially, run more than one (good) shower at once if need be.

Would it be possible / advisable to replace the existing system with two combi boilers, one doing the 2nd floor on its own loop and the other doing the 1st and ground? We know that a combi will struggle with lots of people using hot at the same time.
We also want to rent the top floor as its own sort-of flat so having an independent system would work that way.

If not, what else could / should we do?

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Points for you to consider first:

1. Your mains cold water, is the pressure/flow rate good enough to serve two combi boilers delivering hot water simultaneously ?
2. If you intend to rent the other part of your property, it may require a separate gas meter so you can accurately measure there gas consumption and as previously stated may also require the gas service pipe to be increased to serve all gas appliances in both existing and new rented property!


Answered 4th Aug 2018

it would be however the installation costs of the gas pipework would be greater than a new system that is designed to cope with your consumption, reagrds



Answered 1st Aug 2018

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