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I am struggling to understand which decking would be more suitable for my garden, it is south facing so gets the sun. The area is 16sm and flattish (had decking which has rotted and done by previous owners))so softwood or hardwood? I know that hardwood is more expensive but it is more what would need less looking afterwards and what looks the best? Is there any difference between softwood as I have quoted price of £8 to £13 for same size

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Why not go with tanalised decking boards, basically pressure treated so last much longer than standard timber that needs to be treated yearly(if not more). You have the option of treating it for decorative purposes but not necessary.Probably why the old decking rotted was because the previous owners didnt treat it on a regular basis.

Hope that helps.


Answered 25th Jul 2018

Hi. In my experience with any timber used in exterior applications, hardwoods will outlast softwoods and require less maintenance. And hardwood decking is far more pleasing to the eye.
Composite decking is your other option


Answered 25th Jul 2018

Timber decking, whilst the cheapest option is not a long term proposition, softwood timber requires regular maintenance and has a fairly short lifespan, do you want to pay to have your decking redone in 7 or 8 years ? hardwood timber is a better option but it will split and crack as time goes on, timber decking can be lethal when wet and soon attracts algae. Composite decking is the future, specially designed not to rot or splinter and requires minimal maintenance and guaranteed for 25 years. We have been utilising Millboard anti slip decking and Trex balustrading for about 12 years and we've not had any problems. Whilst expensive to buy initially, you won't have to redo it in a few years !


Answered 28th Jul 2018

Hardwood over softwood and if you can get hardwood at the same price then I'll have some too hehe.
We only use ecoscape products which are composite.
Composite decking from Brownsons works out cheaper than Indian stone patios.
Composite is defiantly the way forward although customers still love traditional timber decking.
The question is maintainance or zero maintainance?


Answered 18th Jan 2019

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