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Should you trust a tradesman who has no reviews and photographs to show his previous jobs as he has just joined my builder?

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well I have just joined but been doing this for over 20 years and can prove work I've done unfortunately my builder only let you post 20 pics and you cant add websites and facebook pages nothing against them as they are making sure they do it right but we all need a chance, so yes. we all have experience, give new tradespeople a chance.


Answered 25th Jul 2018

We all have to start somewhere it may well be he has more off site history he can show you,ask to see examples of previous work and get at least two references.


Answered 25th Jul 2018

it would be at your own risk but for your well being the more a tradesman can prove his work the better chances for your self to get a job done well.


Answered 25th Jul 2018

every tradesmen are highly skilled on my builder but as they could have been working for a firm or working with there family with no way of showing it.the hole point of my builder is to trust the tradesmen on my builder as just not anybody can be a tradesmen on my builder every tradesmen had to start somewhere so give them a chance


Answered 25th Jul 2018

You should definitely give it a go. When meet in person try to get as much information as possible about their experience and contact details of previous clients. Also to play it safe always do stage payments and try to avoid paying big amount as a deposit.


Answered 26th Jul 2018

Agree with other responses.
I understand your concerns but i think i can help with this perspective.
How big is the job?
The smaller the job then effectively the lesser the risk.
I felt when i joined for that reason i would only apply for the smaller jobs first and build feedback and reputation initially.
Job posterers feeling more comfortable employing someone with no or little feedback on that basis
As regards photos.
Im sure we have all seen that car advertised on the internet.....stunning in all the photos.
We travelled to see it and that we were confronted with was far different to the photos


Answered 25th Jul 2018

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