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Metal rcd change

When do I need to upgrade to metal rcd. I have had electrics put out to the shed which is on its own metal rcd. In the house I am changing the lighting and extra plugs put in the front room. I am being told I have to upgrade the plastic rcd which is only 10 years old. More cost so please advise scenarios.any thanks

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Hi, you don’t need to upgrade your consumer unit just to install a new circuit or complete minor alterations at your property.
Any new consumer unit installations need to be made from a none combustible material but this doesn’t mean the one you currently have needs to be replaced.
As long as you have RCD protection you will be fine.
Hope this helps
Craig Gardner
A C Electrical


Answered 22nd Jul 2018

Take notice of what A C has said. Whoever told you that you need to upgrade to suit what you are doing is wrong.


Answered 22nd Jul 2018

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