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The other night my washing machine made a loud buzz, clicked and locked itself. i did not have a wash on and now i can't turn it on

The machine was not in use but I have some kind of electrical box in the hall that my cats might have knocked so checked it but it looks fine. I changed the fuse and then plugged the machine into a different socket, but all that happened was that it made the same angry BUZZ then clicked and locked again. Sometimes its cheaper to buy a new appliance rather than call out a repair man and I'm dreading having someone come over only to find that its something really simple, and I'm out of pocket and feel like a complete prat to boot! Advice please, would love to get this fixed tomorrow.

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phone a washing machine repair man


Answered 4th Feb 2012

Hi, you got a fewthings you can do, best before spending money ask family or friends even a neighbour if they got diy skills,if no luck there have to get repair man out and hope you get nice chap who wont charge callout charge, put job on my builder and you get chance to read feedback this will give you a chance to pick the right person for you good luck colin.


Answered 31st Mar 2012

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