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Thrips removal inside the house?

We are living in an end of terraced house in Hemel Hempstead (with a back garden). Since the weather became hot, we noticed small flies coming inside the house through open window. Based on google search, these insects are Thrips.We installed fly screens on our windows but still they pass through the holes. It seems they are in the air. It is really frustrating especially with a newborn in the house. Can anyone advice on how we can get rid of these? Thanks

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you could try something called fogger but you have shut the rooms and be out of the house for a while


Answered 22nd Jul 2018

It may be worth looking at the plants you have in the garden and in the house. Thrips may be infesting both. Keep your plants well pruned and use a suitable treatment to either kill or repel the thrips.


Answered 23rd Sep 2018

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