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Can a radiator be removed but the fittings be left 'just in case'?

We would like to relocate our large fridge in our kitchen to where the radiator is. We thing the best way is remove the radiator and install a electric panel radiator on the other side of the kitchen. But is there a way to make it look cosmetically ok but leave the fittings there is case we sell and the new occupants would like it reinstalled? Many thanks

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Brass caps are available that fit the valve once the radiator is removed. You will need to drain system down to remove the radiator. If your system is not pressurised and has a header tank, you could save on the draining down by using tappered rubber plugs in the outlets of header tank and retain water in system under water tension. Regards Alan Mackenzie.

Answered 21st Jan 2012

Mackenzie Construction

Member since 23 Nov 2011

Yes, you can remove the radiator and possibly the hangers too but leave the valves. The valves should be closed obviously and caped with some blanks for safety.
Hope it will help.

Answered 20th Jan 2012

Provini Trades

Member since 10 Mar 2010

Hi there you could take off the trv and valve and fit stop ends on the rad legs. This leaves it possible to add the TRV and valve back on at a later date. If you were hoping to get rid of the rad legs then unfortunatly this makes it a bit more long winded for none competent person to make a future connection.
I hope this helps

Answered 20th Jan 2012

Signet Building Ltd

Member since 20 Jan 2012

Hi, yes you can in my view, get someone in, do a quick drain down,cut the pipes high level,and put issolation valves on the feeds,remove the rad,and brackets,fridge goes in. system re-filled,and run. All done,feeds ready for the rad to be re-piped if you leave! 1-2 hours work for a good plumber!

If you leave the pipe work in with the valves on, they can get knocked,and be in the way of the fridge.


Answered 20th Jan 2012

kelly plumbing Heating & gas

Member since 4 Jan 2012

Yes just cut the pipes short and cap off.

Answered 20th Jan 2012

All Aspects Building Co

Member since 8 Apr 2010

yes you could take rad away and leave fitting in place. You could just box in once capped off.

Answered 20th Jan 2012


Member since 10 Oct 2007

If you mean that it is taking up room then i think it will all have to be removed because the pipework will still be thereand still cause you a problem size wise, but is it possible to put the fridge in place and just turn it off?

Answered 21st Jan 2012

sovereign plumbing and heating

Member since 23 Nov 2011

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