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Ronseal fence paint

Hey.. I have a full 10 litre tub of ronseal charcoal grey fence paint. Is it safe to paint a wooden front door with it as it is a nice colour. The door had a sliding porch door in front so is not exposed to the elements

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sometimes what it say on the tin is what it should be,you will find that this product does not have enough pigment in it therefore will not give you a solid coat also handmarks and such likes will not wipe off,ronseal do have some decent door products not that exspensive.hope this helps


Answered 14th Jul 2018

i do not see why not as long as you give it adequate coats and are happy with he outcome if it is a flat finish you are looking for i would recommend two coats of flat polyurethane oil based varnish to eliminate any hand prints etc as the previous comment suggests.
this will slightly discolour the original shade but you have peace of mind that you can safely wipe any residue from surface without fading


Answered 16th Jan 2019

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