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Do i need to replaster or will paper do?

hi, i need to do up my parents' house to sell it- everything needs redoing, it's in a right state! Only one room is ok, apart from one wall- lining paper has been put over dodgy plastering and it looks bumpy and rubbish, could i just get some thick paper and cover it up, or would it be better to have it replastered? It would be nice to not have to replaster one room at least!

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If you are having everything else plastered it would make sense to have it plastered, generally the more work the bigger the discount from us plasterers so look at it that way.

Answered 19th Jan 2012


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If you need loads of plastering work anyway,you might as well strip the paper on the wall you are talking about and plaster it at the same time.If you already have the plasterers on site,one extra wall is going to cost you very little.

Answered 19th Jan 2012

Roc builders

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Hi if your doing up your parents home to sell it , I would just get it replastered its not that expensive .

Answered 19th Jan 2012

l gardner decors

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To be honest with you,if you're having the rest of the house re-plastered one more room isn't going to make that much difference to the cost so push the boat out a bit more if you can and it will all be done ;)


Answered 19th Jan 2012

carl melady

Member since 1 Jun 2008

there is no need to wast money plastering that one wall... just buy your self 1700 Grade lining paper and cross line Horizontal from left to right then Vertical right to left, This will provide you with a thickness and a smooth finish..

Answered 19th Jan 2012

painter & decorator

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Hi. It really depends on how lumpy the wall is. You could try a very thick paper with an embossed pattern, this will take the eye away from some of the lumps bumps and dents. There is a foam based product available on a roll which may be more appropriate on a very bad wall. Obviously if the plaster has perished or the surface is crumbling it would be best to re-plaster.
Also, moving any light source ( ceiling spots or lamps mounted on that wall) will
help hide the problem.
Candyman Interiors

Answered 19th Jan 2012

Kirkham & Klaus

Member since 19 Jan 2012

you could paper over it but it would not be guaranteed to hide the loose plaster. your best bet would be to take lining paper off and just assess the wall to see how bad it is. id be more than happy to have a look for you.hope this helps.

Answered 19th Jan 2012

DGW Plastering

Member since 16 Jan 2012

It all depends on your budget and how fast you want to sell the property. You are wanting to sell, its a better selling point to strip down the wall paper, knock out any blows, repair and skim the affected walls and have it painted light and airy colours as it will possibly boost your re sell value as the more work needed in your home, the lower peoples prices will go.

Answered 21st Jan 2012

CMR Decorating Services

Member since 16 Nov 2011

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