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I cancelled a landscape gardener 3 weeks before the job started. I never got a written quote, just an estimate. I decided on another landscape gardener.

His website says "free no obligation visit and advice\quote". 1st time he came I just told him what I want ed. He gave no indication of price. I emailed asking for price and start date. He offered to come around again? He did and gave me an estimate and start date. I cancelled him 2days later. Now he wants to charge me money for his time. This was not stated, verbally or written. I just got a rough estimate, he did not take any measurements. We just talked, roughly for 25minutes each time. Is he in the right??

Also he says I am in breach of contract. We did not decide on a start date. He gave me a date and I cancelled him. Do I need to give him notice of cancellation as it is within 14days ?

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If it says free quotes on his sites you can get him out as much as u want for free and it up to u who u want to do the work you can change your mind and cancel work wen ever you like mans a chancer some jobs you win some you lose that’s the way it works take a picture of the free quotes an send him it and the tell him you want payed for your time doing that cheers


Answered 5th Jul 2018

I do free quotes and go view jobs before hand and if you cancel giving notice you shouldn't have to pay as we say you win some you lose some i personally think hes a chancer money for nothing leave well alone


Answered 5th Jul 2018

Sounds like a candidate for cowboy builders


Answered 20th Mar 2019

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