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Installing a pet door in a double glazed window

Can a pet door for a medium sized dog be installed into a double glazed window?
I have a window sliding door and the window panel next to it (ie the same size but doesn't move) is where I want a pet door (it's the only place I can put one). I've read that you can't install a pet door in already made and installed double glazed windows. Is this correct? If I can't do it, what are the alternatives?

Thanks, billie

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Yes that's correct . The only way to do this is to replace with a purpose built glazed unit which accommodates the flap


Answered 4th Jul 2018

you can't install a dog or cat flap in a double glazed unit that is already finished,but what you need to do get a double glazing expert to look at your dog flap it will have a template for making a hole in glass wood plastic ect,he would then take this and get a new bit of glass made to suit your dog flap. hope this helps


Answered 4th Jul 2018

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