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Garden flood, no drain, no exit

When it rains my garden gets waterlogged. There are no drains in place and no exit route for the water. The ground is lower than my 3 neighbours garden and so their rain water adds to our flooding. Any suggestions?

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Hi, if you have no existing rain drainage, you can install a soakaway. This is like a large crate placed underground and ideally in the middle of the garden area. This is then used as a normal drainage system for rainy water only.


Answered 3rd Jul 2018

Hi like JRR said soakaway 1m underground and I would also install French drainage where the water is gathering, this typically goes 1ft underground sat on pea gravel then wrapped in fabric sheet soil over the top then slabs or turf. Then the drains down to the soakaway
If you look on tinternet you will see ideas of what people have done
Cheers and hope you get it sorted


Answered 4th Jul 2018

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