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When to oil the newly fitted decking?

I have had the new deck fitted about 2 weeks a go. I plan to oil using the Liberon Decking Oil Medium Oak. Need advice on when to oil the deck. Should I let it wear for few more weeks or is it ok if I oil it now.

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One new timber decking is fitted I always advise let settle for a a short period of time being say one week to a month depending on whether and condition of timber. With then a light sand to get odds and sods and then two coats of finishing product.


Answered 8th Jul 2018

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Within 6 months of install or certainly ahead of the winter.


Answered 9th Jan 2019

The oil penetrates the wood and prevents (quite so much) water soaking in. It follows that if it is very wet when laid, the timber will need to dry out a bit. The longer you leave the timber to dry, the greater the colour change will be; eventually, the timber will change from a yellowish colour to silver / grey. It is a good idea to oil it before the onset of Autumn.

All otherwise depends on personal preference; timber should be pressure-treated in any case to discourage rot, but this will only be effective if it is not in contact with the ground / soil walked onto the deck. Timber will expand and contract as it wets and dries & UV will affect any finish you use.

However you treat your timber, you are going to need to brush off any dead leaves & water that pools over winter & be prepared to pressure-wash it in spring to avoid it becoming slippery...then, you'll want to re-apply oil / stain and get mixing the G&T & Pimms.


Answered 11th Apr 2019

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