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I had rising damp on interior wall, got a damp course done, ive toke of the plaster whats the best thing to plaster

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Without question use a sharp sand render base coat 3-1 with integral water-proofer, once it part sets apply a coat of 4-1 building or plastering sand with clean water. Multifinish top coat. Certainly not hardwall or lime plaster. Both of these products will absorb moisture from the brickwork and transfer it to your plaster top coat.

Answered 15th Mar 2013

FocalPoint Repointing

Member since 13 Apr 2009

You will need to re-plaster over a DPC in a cement based product,not Gypsum based.
I use Thistle Dri-Coat.

Answered 18th Jan 2012

carl melady

Member since 1 Jun 2008

Sand/cement backing with a water proofer like Rengaurde, then 2 coat skim.

Answered 18th Jan 2012


Member since 29 Oct 2008

you'll need a sand cement render with an approved integral waterproofer added while mixing and finished with 2 coats skimming. ideally 1200mm high on all injected walls. hell of a job if you've not plastered before.

Answered 18th Jan 2012

Peech and Son Building Services

Member since 31 Oct 2011

waterproof render the wall then skim over

Answered 18th Jan 2012

jd kent

Member since 14 Jun 2008

There is a special plaster required, you will find it on the shelf at major DIY stores like B&Q...this will be the base coat which can then be skimmed over with Multifinish.

Answered 18th Jan 2012

ABM plastering

Member since 21 Feb 2011

sand and cement render,first coat,sratched,followed by finish.

Answered 19th Jan 2012

hugh strain

Member since 16 Jan 2012

Depends what you have actually taken off, if you are back to brick then the render needs to be re-rendered or use thistle hardwall, leave it set back from existing plaster, wait for it to go hard but not dry and then skim with multi-finish ( 2 coats ). Not something that you can do as a D.I.Y' ER, certainly wouldnt attempt without experience. Get some quotes.

Answered 18th Jan 2012


Member since 8 Sep 2011

hi the best thing to use is a sand and cement reder
first coat a 3-1 sand and cement with added waterproofer
second coat 4-1 sand and cement renderwith added waterproofer
then skim the wall.
the dpc takes a while to cure so the sand and cement with the waterproofer will keep things dry till the dpc cures.
hope this helps

Answered 18th Jan 2012

BTS Construction s/w Ltd

Member since 14 Dec 2010

hi,allow the wall to dry out first.then use a sand and cement mix and scim.dont bridge the damp course. hope this is of help.alan

Answered 18th Jan 2012

just ceilings

Member since 18 Jan 2012

Hi Imran

you need to replaster using a hydrated lime(renovating) plaster.

Answered 18th Jan 2012


Member since 27 Jan 2009

Hi Imran, The associated rendering and plastering is crucial to the success of the dampcourse.I would strongly not recommend diy work or the work carried out by somebody on the cheap.I would recommend hiring an honest professional plasterer.It would have been in your interest to use the company who installed the dampcourse,to also undertake the rendering and plastering.Your guarantee if you were offered one would then be fully valid.Best wishes

Answered 18th Jan 2012

Baileystorm Preservation

Member since 19 Oct 2011

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