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Electrican has never supplied any paperwork or certificates

We had a range cooker, new trip box by a company I found through Rated People, the electrican has never supplied any paperwork or certificates.
I dont have the name of the electrical as he was sent to do the work by the contractor.
We have tried many times to contact the contractor and have reported them to the company, Rated People but still no certificate or contact.
The work was done in May 2011 and we have been trying ever since to get the paperwork.
Is there anything we can do about it without paying another electrical to certify the work?
Thank you

I would just like to say a big thank you to all the tradesperson who replied to my problem! You have all been most helpful.

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Lynne, in reality there is very little you can do and your plight is not uncommon. Firstly its not as simple as just asking and paying another registered electrician to cerify the work as technically thats illegal! If caught doing this the electrician can be removed from the competent persons scheme he/she belongs to, so its quite a big deal.

I don't know how rated people work, but if its anything like, Myhammer, Mr Skill or the myriad of other trader websites, they do some basic checks, but often non part P registered electricians get through. They then go on to quote and win work, often on price because they get jobs by under cutting fully registered guys as they don't have the higher overheads. Sometimes its the opposite I have seen unregistered works at three times the cost that it should be!

The only real solution you have is contacting your local authority building control department and come clean, stating that you thought that you had hired a competent person but they have disappeared/ceased trading and you have no certificate. Often they are sympathetic and rarely do they take action and enforce the £5000 fine for householders breaching the building regulations.

Ask them if they will accept either a Periodic Electrical Inspection Report (PIR)or an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)for the whole property?

If so then post a job and get one carried out. You'll have to pay about £100 but its a legal way forward. Alternatively the LABC may ask you to pay their inspection fee and send their inspector out to have a look and sign it off, but this will cost more.

Apart from that your only option is maybe via small claims court, but 9 times out of 10 the address for the electrician/firm is bogus or they have moved on or gone bust.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is happening more and more, and I can only advise anyone to check and ask the electricain they intend to use for proof of his/her registration and make it clear that you will not pay for the work until the certificate is issued! Any genuine sparks will have no problem with this at all, whereas the others will make excuses and go away.

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Answered 18th Jan 2012

Electrical Safety Services

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If I was you I would ring the company and tell that you are going to report them for sending out a electrician that does not certify work, are you can get a local electrician to come out and do a periodic inspection report and get the company to pay for that, I was on rated people myself and found that there are cowboys and some of the tradesman that use it. The company who sent out the electrician should have make sure that the electrician had insurance and a member of Napit, Elecsa, Nic Eie or Part P reg.

Hope that this may help


Answered 18th Jan 2012

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Sorry for your dilema.

I myself was a member of Rated people, albeit for a short period.

Before they let us have any leads for gas or electrical work they were at the time very strict in verfying our Gas Safe & Part P registration status.

Unless things have changed with RP, then I can only assume that the same criteria applies, therefore the company who you instructed were registered. ( assuming of course they were not using a sub-contractors registration details ).

Your problem, the way I see it is that a Part P certificate can only be issued by the individual / company that install / modify / alter the installation at that time.

People do try to circumvent this by having a Periodic Inspection report carried outl. I would strongly advise you to have this done in any event, for peace of mind and to verify all is safe for you and your family.

However Periodic Inspections, are not the same as Part P certificates !

Building Regulations are quite clear, inasmuch as the work that you have described as having being carried out is Notifiable to building control !

A difficult situation you are now in.

Certainly I believe you will have to instruct a registered electrician, and pay for their services to firstly carry out an inspection.

Further, you could negotiate with them about part P registration, however this may well involve having the work re - done !!

We as a company are constantly being asked to sign off and register gas boilers, where the original installer is no longer contactable.

What do we do ?

Take a chance ?

sadly not, we have to completely dismantale the flues on the boilers, take off, refix, rewire etc. etc.

In my opinion, a competent electrican, working to the rules will not sign off other peoples work



Adrian Hagger

Answered 18th Jan 2012

Southsea Plumbing, Heating, Electrical & Gas Services

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This is a joke.My clients always receive their installation certificate within a week.The last one was in 3 days.Unfortunately sites like this and rated people only limit the chances of employing an idiot and cannot vet everyone properly.I know for a fact that there are cowboys on both.All you can do is continue to try and contact the contractor and rated people to try and get a response.(maybe the contractor has folded?).Wouldnt surprise me if this is how he operates.Unfortunately you may have to get someone else to certify the work.

Answered 18th Jan 2012

Roc builders

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