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Mains pressure system conversion

I recently had a new bathroom fitted and the water pressure to both hot and cold taps and toilet is very low. I had two shower power booster pumps fitted (12 volt modern type) but the noise from them is too great. I am thinking of converting to mains pressure from the old cold tank system eliminating the need for pumps. I am all electric so no boiler to worry about.
I currently have an older round topped copper cylinder. What would I need ?

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Best thing to go with is having a invented cylinder, where your mains water will effectively feed you sanitary ware appliances and your hot water will be pressurised. If your heating is electric you can just get plumbing only one which will work off your immersion heaters for hot water. That would be the best bet of getting a decent pressure but that all depends on your incoming pressure.

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Answered 25th Jun 2018

google pressure imbalance or backflow. unfortunalty i come across "plumbers" and use that thrm in jest who have done this. hot gravity with cold mains is a no no! as above you would need to do both or make sure you have seperate outlets for everything i.e no mixer taps that mix in the body


Answered 26th Jun 2018

Would definitely agree with Nathan, go with a direct unvented system, Megaflo or similar(megaflo if you can afford it). loads of hot water and plenty of pressure.


Answered 27th Jun 2018

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