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QuestionWhat is required to install new gas supply to flat?

I'm buying the 1st floor flat of a property. The ground floor flat already has gas supply but the 1st floor doesn't. The gas pipe is visible to the side of the property and enters the side of the house where the neighbour said there is a gas meter on the inside. I rang National Grid and they gave me 2 quotes. 1 was for any digging required to install, the other was without. However, they said it would be cheaper to get someone else to carry out the digging.

My question is do I need any digging work considering gas supply is visible to the side of the property? Also, if I do need any digging work to be carried out, who do I contact to carry this type of work out safely?

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Anyone can do the digging but it is totally down to your gas supplier to fit any pipework up to the meter.By the sounds of it you wont need any digging.Any gas safe registered engineer can work from the meter inwards. Hope this helps. EATON HEATING & PLUMBING

Eaton heating and plumbing 17th Jan, 2012

You need to contact your ESP or gas transporter Wales and west utillities for eg in the southwest area. information on your gas meter! and contact your gas engineer www.gassaferegister.co.uk,as you will need him during and after! he will help you with it all any way


kelly plumbing Heating & gas 18th Jan, 2012

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