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I have recently purchased a 1905 2 bed terraced house which i'm currently

having the kitchen and bathroom done. I'm a bit worried as the chimney above is currently supported on a couple of timbers across ceiling joists. having done some research- is it true that gallows brackets are no longer sufficient?? the stack is joined to next door in the party wall but I'm not sure whether theirs remains.

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I have just had a similar situation a my own house, which is also turn of the century. From the research i have done it appears it very much depends on which building authority you fall under and if the stack is still present in the neighboring property.

If the stack has also been removed next door then gallows brackets are not suitable. If it is still there then they may be but you should definately consult your local building officer before proceeding as they may insist on something more substantial.

Hope that helps.

Martyn Heywood.


Answered 17th Jan 2012

you made need a full span steel,gallows are still allowed as long as your neighbours breasts are still intact,get a structural engineer round to do your calcs then get a builder round to price of the calcs


Answered 17th Jan 2012

You need a structural engineer to calculate the steels to take the weight of the stack.
The stack shouldnt have been left sitting on the ceiling joists.
Some building control accept gallows brackets, but in my area and experience, they always insist on steels.
Your s/e will advise you.


Answered 17th Jan 2012

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