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QuestionI want to remove the old lat and plaster and tiled walls in my bathroom and get it re-plasterboarded and skimmed then tiled but not sure how much it will cost and how long it will take

I have an existing bathroom with lat and plaster walls with two layers of tiles on it which I want completely ripping out and re-doing with new plasterboarded walls, skimmed and tiling. the room is approx 3m x 2m, and I would like to find out how much and how long it may take to complete.

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Why would you board a wall, then plaster it, then tile it?????

Complete waste of money and time.

You plaster old walls, or board them to get a flat surface.

There is no need to do both and double up the cost and time.

If your ripping out the old stuff and re-boarding, tile straight on the new boards

Aquarius Home Improvements LTD 24th Jan, 2012

if i was to take on this job i would say it would take 2 days to rip out and plaster, then when the plaster is dry a day to tile.
estimated cost not including tiles would be around £700

D A Electrical 16th Jan, 2012

In short... it will take a day to rip out the old stuff, then if you are going by the book which most people do not it needs rendering and then skimming. This is the correct way to do it.

now for the cheap way as customers dont want to pay for the correct methods...

Most people will use plasterboard ( dot and dab) which should be moisture resistant (aquapanel) and then fixed by frame fixing screws through the plasterboard, then the adhesive, then the wall, remember to mark where the adhesive is so you can srew through it. Again if you want the dirt cheap option just let someone dot normal plasterboard and dab the lot with no fixings!

skim the lot, prime the plaster (once it is dry) with pva/water mix for extra adhesion ready for tiles. Tile away and job jone.

Price will vary depending on where you are, size of bathroom, work involved.

About 6 days work on an average size bathroom with average sized tiles, obviously the bigger the tile the better the price... the smaller the tile the more the price.

I think your price should be between £600-900 for a decent job but it does depend heavily on the actual job. Nobody can quote acurately without seeing the job itself so this is purely a guide and my estimate.

Total-Interior 16th Jan, 2012

Wrong forum.............put your request on 'Post a Job' under Plastering.

carl melady 16th Jan, 2012

If your walls are sound and not falling apart, Just dot dab plaster board onto existing tiles. Fill joints on plaster board, then retile.... A lot less expence... A lot less mess....Job Done !!!!


John Davidson Kitchen Installations 27th Jan, 2012

Great comment Aquarius home improvements. I'm doing a complete refurbishment of a bathroom soon, will be ripping all walls out except external wall (obviously). Re boarding them with a false wall in there too ( for hidden pipework) then will plaster ceiling, fit bath and shower tray, then tank the room with a uality product in the wet areas, tile whole room. Top job demands a great price, £3,050 ( customer supplying suite, shower cubilce, shower and towel rail and tiles..... Talking 6k in total. Everyone mentions prices but u can never quote figures on here without talking budgets, Location, room sizes, quality of job they're looking for, and previous quotes they've had....amongst other things attention to detail, and the company quoting!

The Property Team 27th Jan, 2012

Assuming the bath sink etc is already taken out you are looking at 5- 6 days although it can't be done in one go as the plaster needs drying out time before the tiles go on..Expect costs of about £1700 for a fully tiled bathroom.

project6 building solutions 16th Jan, 2012

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