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Water found under the house.....

Just recently purchased a house, I was speaking to the next door neighbour who warned me there was water under the house as he has found the same problem in his home, he mentioned he notified the previous home owner but he did not do anything about it, so I was curious to find out if this was true. I took carpet out removed piece of floorboard from the 1st reception room and it was confirmed there is water under the house. Now from what I can see the water was quite low down but there was plenty of it. My two major concerns are obviously what impact this water has on the house and how to fix it.

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its sometimes normal to have water under house depending on the water table. you could get a pump installed that kicks in when the water is deep enough to be pumped out. more than likey your pump would pump water from under all the house on your street. as long as you have air bricks so a airflow is in place I would not be to concernd.there is water under my house all year round the same as everyone else on my street

Answered 16th Jan 2012

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Give your local councils building control officer who looks after your area and check if the water table in your area is high. He may have come across this before in your area. There could also be an underground stream in your location. Your local water authority will send someone out to check if there is a leak underground, they may even know if your area has a high water table.
Did your surveyor not pick this up when they did a buyers survey on the property? Sounds to me like the previous owner should have informed you of the problem. Dont leave it at that, start getting in touch with people as this, if its not a leak could become an expensive job to remedy an who knows what else may need doing to sort out any problems caused by the water. There will also be health implications as well with this problem. I do hope its only a leak. What has your neighbour done to sort out the water on his side? Good Luck..

Answered 16th Jan 2012

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It could be either, leaking water main,broken drains or a low water table level.
You need to find the scource of leak and rectify, you dont want to have standing water under your floors, also check that all air vents are clear.

Answered 16th Jan 2012


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