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Insulating new extension pitched ceiling

I will be building an extension to the rear of my property shortly and will be having a lean to roof with pitched roof inside with two sky lights. The extension will be 3.5x6x3.5m. How does this ceiling have to be insulated and what sort of materials will I need.

Update, plans are being drawn up for council and severn trent water due to sewers now, thanks for info

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This will be insulated with either celotex or kingspan insulation board.With all due respect,if you do not know much about construction,it would benefit you to have drawings done.It would enable you to check the quality of build along the way and will help builders with pricing the project.


Answered 17th Jan 2012

The ceiling will probably be insulated with Celotex or similar.
This should be on your plans and building regs.


Answered 16th Jan 2012

i would seek planing permission befor you build anything


Answered 18th Jan 2012

Even if you do not need planning permission,you will most certainly need building regs.All the information you require will be found there.


Answered 17th Jan 2012

I agree about building regs
Answering question celotex between rafters or triso 40 on the rafters and counter batenning on the roof
Depends of regs latelly I was doing simmilar job and we was asked by inspector to combine both type triso and celotex together
Greg Zwolski


Answered 13th Feb 2012

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