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How can i remove an old air conditioning unit from my wall without causing too much damage?

The unit is below the window. Some of the surrounding plaster is damaged already - just wondered if there was an easy way to do this myself, or if I should get a professional in?

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Hi there, because AC units contains refrigeration gas, which is now under strict regulation, it needs to be pumped down by F-Gas certified professional.


Answered 21st Mar 2011

You have not said whether the unit is still connected by pipes or cables,if this so you would have to determine whether they are still live. if there are no connections and the unit is at low level you should be able to unbolt it and remove but you may need another person as it will be heavy,then the bolts can be removed or cut flush and the plaster patched. if there are any connections I suggest you get an electrician/plumber to check them out, hope this helps.


Answered 21st Mar 2011

as stated above, all air conditioning systems now have to be handled by certified F Gas installers, it is illegal to handle refrigerant or expose to atmosphere by an incompetent individual, if you need this done, please let us know and we can do this job for your safely and properly


Answered 17th Apr 2011

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