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Hi I am having a complete nightmare and wondering if anyone can help. My neighbors have built a double and two single story extensions to the rear of there property we are a 1930s semi detached, they have a building company in and I am also aware they are using a private BRegs firm I was informed of the build due to the close proximity and party wall agreement, I objected due to being overshadowed by there property already and the planning officer but a condition in the plans stating it will be no bigger than 3.5 instead of 4.5 from the rear elevation further more the flat roof is 2.85 high
On the 3 day of the foundations being dug out they burst our water pipe which in turn damaged our boiler and washing machine, I made everybody aware including the neighbors straight away to which I was told they would send me a plumber after 5-6 weeks of waiting I had no choice but to call in my own engineer who condemned my boiler I approached my neighbors staight away who said the builders will put it right if proven the damage was incurred as result of the ground workers I took legal advice and wrote them a formal letter stating the party wall act, they responded by saying again that the contractor will put it right if proven on top of this my sewer is running through there extension aswell as he showed me I am now deeply concerned as communication is 0 with neighbors and builders as they have disregarded the party wall agreement and not instructed a surveyor under the advice of there builder the works to the drainage and sewer are not down on any paperwork and the water has been disconnected twice the second time after we had to pay £2000 for a new boiler and I wasn’t informed!!! I have had the planning enforcement out and she told me she was still waiting on there ‘private building regs’ getting back to her it had been over a week..... the original site plan is wrong, and the extension actually measures 292 by 357 what is going on to me there first mistake was no doing land searches also the age of the property was down as 50s/60s but it was built in 1934 I have our original deeds. I’m so sorry to go on but I’ve had as much as I can take I recently lost my dad having already lost my mum and I’m registered disabled I have two young children and anxiety and I’m stuck as to what to do? Any advice would be much appreciated thanks

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Difficult to advise without looking at the plans - there are strict rules as to the height of extensions and the distance from nabouring properties (which can easily be downloaded from the internet) It is unusual planning would allow a poorly designed extension - proving your boiler was damaged beyond repair is the next problem remember you still need to live next door to them


Answered 3rd Jun 2018

I am sorry to read the problems you are having. I would download your neighbours planning permission off your local councils website it should be straightforward to follow. Look under planning and then enter the address. It is not unusual to use a private company to have building control approval they tend to be quicker than the local council one. But it sounds like they are doing everything correctly but if they have damaged something they should replace it. The age of the house and boundary is not a big issue as it has planning approval unless they deviate from the approved plans.

What I would advice is you live next door and I am sure they extending their home because they love the area and love there house so I would try and talk it though. Extending a home is very stressful but I do understand how you must be feeling you are having lots of problems with non of the benefits but talking is always the best start to resolving problems.


Answered 22nd Jun 2018

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