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I have recently moved into a three storey mews property and inherited a very overgrown wisteria. It is extremely bushy and blocking a few windows and growing into next doors roof terrace. When is the best time to cut it back? Ideally we would do it immediately but I don't know if it is going to flower again and if by cutting it back now we would damage it/prevent it from flowering next year?


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You are getting a bit late to prune. We like to prune wisteria back hard--cutting off roughly half of the growth after bloom to keep it in check. If it is allowed to grow, any place it comes in contact with the soil it will root . If you have a large arbour you can simply keep it pruned to the arbour once it covers it. Try to get the pruning done as soon as the flowers finish--usually in early spring. Wisteria sets flower buds in late summer to early fall, so you don't want to keep pruning it all summer or you may interfere with flower bud formation.


Answered 4th Jun 2018

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