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Skimming ceilings

Hi people, I just had a job of re plastering a ceiling, previously artex, I scrapped it all off right back, and all came off fine, I then blue gritted the whole ceiling, let it dry and the next day started skimming and with in 5 mins of having the first coat on started to bubble and sag, I popped the bubbly areas to find that the blue girt was all coming unstuck and I had to abandon the ceiling, why would it be pulling the blue grit off? Going to over board the whole lot now but curious to see why the plaster wouldn’t stick?

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To be fair you have done everything right and it's just pot luck it didn't work as where re-skims are involved you can only go off the existing surface so its hard for plasterers to gurantee re-skims.I have experienced the same and it's frustrating.i can only think what ever is in artex has made the ceiling unbondable and I would always say over-board.good luck with it.joe


Answered 31st May 2018

You can never be 100% certain that the original surface has been prepared correctly by the previous person unfortunately, There’s a number of reasons why it happened for instance plasterboard when tacked & left for a number of months will absorb air moisture so would need to be unibonded prior to artexing, a layer of lime-wash would also cause the same problem. You prepared everything the way I would of done but it’s always going to be a gamble I always discuss the worst case scenario with my clients when re-skimming over artexed ceilings and give overboarding as an additional option and price accordingly. Dan


Answered 4th Jun 2019

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