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I've got some quite large gaps between my original victorian floorboards. how can i fill these as there's a huge draft coming through them?

We've filled the larger gaps with strips of pine but there are lots which are about 40-59mm. We're about to have a new carpet laid over the top so it doesn't need to look pretty but the old one wore where the gaps were. We can't put hardboard over the top as the gaps are only in one part of the room, it'd be a huge job to do the entire room and we'd get ridges if we only did some.

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Sawdust (to match your floorboards,pine oak etc.....)mixed with waterproof PVA glue.
You only need a little bit of glue just enough to bind the dust together.

Works a treat.

Mix it to a thick paste,then get an old credit card and apply it in gaps.....scrape off excess.
Quick sand down when dry(if needed).

Nip down to your local joiners for your sawdust.

dwpcutler.............it was a carpenter/joiner friend of mine (a trading standards approved one by the way) who told me this tip,he's been doing this method for 20 years and never had a problem.......not bad for a 'quick fix idea that won't last'.............maybe you should try it ;)


Gaps almost 60mm wide????????!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's not a gap that's a missing floorboard! ;)
In that case then you will need timber to fill those,i class a gap in floorboards around 5mm :/

Answered 16th Jan 2012

carl melady

Member since 1 Jun 2008

Best option would be to fill the gaps with strips of reclaimed pine. Then you would need to sand an seal the floor.

There are mastic fillers available on the market but they shrink with time and open up.

Answered 16th Jan 2012

Starlet Building

Member since 16 Oct 2008

the option of glue and sawdust is not good i agree with dwp

Answered 23rd Jan 2012

Max Barnard

Member since 4 Nov 2011

Starlets comment is the right way to go. Do it properly now and its never a problem again. Too many quick fix ideas around now that wont last !

Answered 18th Jan 2012

dwpcutler Carpentry

Member since 17 Nov 2009

Do not use pva!!!!!

Answered 14th Feb 2012


Member since 9 Feb 2012

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